Cheap frills

Sylvia doesn’t really do spoon feeding, so I’ve started just giving her large lumps of cooked veggies which she grabs or I hold and she demolishes with her gums.

The other day I found Rose pulling her nipples and saying ‘They’re getting really big!’. She told me she wanted her boobies to grow so she could feed Sylvia. Worrying or cute, not sure. She also told Sylvia she had big boobies in the bath.

This evening Rose fell asleep in front of the Night Garden. I didn’t want her to sleep so close to bedtime so I gave her chair a little poke and said ‘Rose’. Then I tried wobbling the chair a bit more and turning the telly up very loud, and shouted her name, still asleep. Finally I said the word chocolate and she sat bolt upright in her seat, like Pavlov’s monster and said ‘Chocolate? Where?’.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mum and bought a dress for the wedding, it is quite MadMen vavoom. Just relieved I won’t have to go in TK Max. Not that there’s anything wrong with TK Max, just you either have to be about 16 or a 78 year old tramp to suit their clothes, it’s frilly frocks or tracksuits, so not much for me there.


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