Bloody hoe

Busy times. Sylvia is eating loads: now I’ve hit on the technique of giving her the same thing as Rose, whizzed up, mealtimes should get a bit easier. Not sure what happens when we are having bacon sandwiches as it’s probably not considered suitable food for the under 1s.

We had a nasty incident on Sunday night – after a really lovely afternoon at my parents’ place we came home to find the whole ground floor covered in bits of glass. It was like a bomb had gone off, there was so much glass everywhere. What had happened was that someone, probably an oik, or a herbert, had sneaked into the back garden and tried to break open the shed using the hoe I conveniently left there. Failing to do this, they then hurled a rock through our dining room window and departed. Not sure it was a herbert actually, they are usually on the weedy side, and whoever chucked that rock was really quite a big person. The rock went across the room and hit the dining room door, bending the metal handles and splitting open the door.

We were all quite upset as you can imagine. Rose has had trouble settling down to sleep and I was quite wakeful on Sunday night. Our new friend the emergency glazier kindly sealed up the hole in the glass so we were secure, but I felt a bit nervous anyway. Chances are it was just some idiotic lads who thought it would be a laugh to do some damage in our garden rather than a serious break in attempt, but still very unpleasant. Must go out and put up some ‘wanted’ posters in the flats next to the house.


One response to “Bloody hoe

  1. That’s awful Debs – hope you’re all ok and are not shaken up for too long. x

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