Wedding belles (and beau)

Quite behind on things, it’s all been a bit hectic so only have time/energy to do some brief bits.

Rose helped me carry a box of chocolates to our neighbour as a thankyou for helping us out recently. The neighbours were out and on the way back Rose still clutching the chocolates tightly suggested ‘Let’s just eat them’. I really do like the way she thinks.

We attended the much-anticipated wedding last week. We all looked fine in our finery. Me resplendent in a dress covered in pink roses like a sexy sofa, Sylvia in her brand new and therefore temporarily clean dress, Jason in The Suit and of course Rose in her bespoke flower girl outfit. She had to try the dress on in the dress shop and as we were leaving she asked ‘Was that the wedding?’. I was very nervous in the shop, being in charge of a sticky fingered 3 year old in a small room packed out with un-washable dresses in various shades of white just felt like a very large dry-cleaning bill about to happen.

The wedding was lovely in a a nice little church. After a morning acting bored and shy by turns Rose pulled it out of the bag at the last second and walked down the aisle in front of the bride demurely holding hands with the maid of honour. Like she was born to it. Usually I shed a tear when I see the bride but this time it was the flower girl what did it. Rose did look stunning but by the end of a day being told how pretty she was she finally lost it with a completely innocent woman and shouted ‘I NOT pretty!’ and stamped off.

Rose was telling my parents about the break-in attempt and broken window, and told them the police came and would catch person who did it and put them in chill out. I was sort of hoping for the chiller but even the naughty step would do if they could find someone. Burglary sounds fairly easy to get away with in the sense the cops rarely seem to find the culprit, on the other hand it must be quite hard work for little return – I mean how do you actually sell those x-boxes and 2nd hand tellies and things? And if you were going to actually nick the furniture it would take you ages to clean off the jam and cat hair before it was in a reasonably clean state. NB we don’t have an exbox, it was just an example.

In Sylvia news, she has sprouted two top and two bottom teeth at the front. She is eating loads and loads. She poos like a rhinoceros. Her legs are still fat. However I am having difficulty detaching her from the breast. I have taken to asking literally anyone I meet if they have any ideas about how to wean her. I spent half an hour at the wedding talking to a very nice woman about it. I ask mums at parties, people in the park, I nearly asked this very camp old geezer on the bus the other day as he was so busy offering me his views on teething, child nutrition and other childrearing topics. Didn’t ask him in the end I think he might have dropped his shopping. I am cutting down on the breastfeeding and trying to get milk water or fruit juice into her using a cup a spoon and a bottle. I am honestly desperate. I even tried growling, my brother said that’s what mother dogs do when they are weaning puppies, just made her laugh though.


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