Time well spent

We went to a party this afternoon, it was a grown-up’s birthday for once. There was loads of booze, plus crisps and chocolate rolls for the infants, v good. Quite a few children turned up, mostly a few years older than Rose but it was interesting how she just went and took part in their conversations. I’ve seen her do this at the playground, she will go up to a group of children and echo their body language and conversation until she becomes part of it. As someone who has been pretty shy since birth I find this absolutely amazing. Anyway, all the children at the party were really lovely and while the grownups chatted about gentrification (I started that one, my favourite topic) developed loud running games played all around the house.

When a conversation promised to get dull, Rose started climbing over the arm of the sofa and falling on the nearest child until they all began running around and became more fun (to Rose). Then a group of them rushed into the room and vanished under the sofa cushions. Rose followed them in and dived into the cushions when they all jumped out. Then Rose hid and they all ran away – she leapt out of the curtains and went chasing after the others. I think they quite enjoyed having an excitable three year old to run after them – it looked brilliant anyway. Quite pleased when someone put on a dvd and all the children sat in one place for an hour or two enabling guilt free chatting about the best cappucino in Forest Hill.

Baby drama in the kitchen when a lady rushed in holding her 7 week old baby like a battering ram, in great distress because the older brother had put a crisp in the baby’s mouth while he was asleep. Dad extracted the crisp and the baby started making yakking noises. Mother shouted ‘Out of the way! He’s going to be siiiick!’ and charged down the length of the kitchen til she reached the sink. Baby made hoiking sound and all was well again. Hope the salt didn’t do him any harm. He was lucky to get that crisp anyhow, it was the only one in the place not eaten by Rose. We got home and she didn’t eat any dinner but drank three glasses of water to dilute the salt from the crisps, and went straight to bed.


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