Me and rose were both a bit tired this afternoon so we flopped on her beanbag. I told her to get a pair of knickers and she told me to get them. I said I had a bone in my leg, and she said she did too. I said I couldn’t reach and she said ‘you have to get up’. I don’t remember if she ever got any knickers.

At dinner I coveted her roast potatoes which she wasn’t eating. Instead of ponying up her potato she laid a knife and a fork over each one and warned me that taking food off her plate would result in me being on chillout. I did get them in the end, but only once she had left the table.

Other funny things but can’t remember them as brain is jelly. I gave Sylvia so much food this evening that she only breastfed for about a couple of minutes. Will she wake up tonight? Has she had enough fluid? Am I going a bit mental about this? All I know is: I’ve had enough!!! Enough breastfeeding already! When Sylvia wakes up in the night, I wonder if she is dreaming about breasts disappearing. She has taken to spitting out food and drink when she has had enough, I’m covered from head to foot with formula, banana, yoghurt and various babyfoods. Today we had a couple of decorators round to prepare the walls for us to decorate. So that’s awaiting us when we get back from hols. Strangely looking forward to it though I think my longed for wooden floor may still evade me.


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