Got back from holiday last week. I immediately squandered all the post-holiday energy in an orgy of laundry and floor cleaning, so that was worth coming home for. Rose was so eager to get back to nursery that she got up extra early and from 7 to 8 am kept asking if it was time to go to nursery, every five minutes. Katie who works there said when she asked Rose what she did on holiday, she said ‘I ate chips’. So she simultaneously implied that the whole holiday was massively crap because the only highlight was chips, and that she only gets chips once a year, on holiday. Sadly the latter isn’t true, she has chips quite a lot and I feel guilty. The former is unlikely to be true since she spent two hours every single day going down the waterslides with her daddy which I’m sure must have ranked at least equal with a plate of chips.

Sylvia was very busy while we were away, exploring her new found interest in standing up and walking around while holding on to someone’s hand. I think she would have done it all day if the adults were physically up to spending ages shuffling backwards bent double with a baby hanging off their fingers. I took her in the pool a couple of times but she seemed very anti the whole thing. I was surprised as she really took to it the first time she went swimming but that was several months ago. Guess I left it a bit long between swims. Also she hated having baths in the caravan as I had to squash her into a small washing up bowl and pour water over her from a jug. The whole experience has put her off water and she cried for her first two baths at home. Though she was all smiles tonight when Jason did her bath (huh). Rose violently disliked the caravan showers and I finally hit on the idea of an outdoor bath which she loved – stood her on the grass and mum scrubbed her down.

This was on one of the warm evenings of course. The first week as Rose would say ‘It rained, and it rained, and it rained!’. There were certain difficulties arising from being cooped up in a damp caravan when you can’t dry your towel properly and there is a whole load of baby gear to trip over and a boredom-crazed pre-schooler around. When the sun came out in the second week everyone chilled out a bit. Sadly when the sun came out, all the people in the caravans near us sent their kids out to play, which they did, very loudly, right next to our caravan, until 11 at night. There was an Incident one night when there was someone’s birthday and they were being especially raucous at 11pm. My mum stuck her head out of the window and shouted I first thought that security had turned up with a megaphone. But it was mum. She ended her rant by shouting ‘You are In! Con! Siderate!’. Five syllables that struck fear into the whole campsite. It was brilliant! There was an idle cry of ‘shut up’ from an adult in a nearby caravan, but then the whole area went completely silent and all you could hear was the shuffling of embarrassed feet and footballs being picked up. The following nights were a bit more reserved though I lived in fear of finding poo on the decking.

It was a bit strange as I’ve never been to a noisy campsite before, normally people are really quite boring and like to go to bed at sundown. For the first week there was a nice Irish couple with some children of Rose’s age, and they all had a great time playing together. The next family arrived mob handed with several caravans full of people in convoy. Grandad then cracked open a beer on the decking while the others rushed about with boxes, and hung out some England flags. Not ironically, I don’t think. You can’t have an ironic England flag can you? Their children were lovely and very kind to Rose, though we would have all liked them a lot more if we had heard less of them.

Almost forgot – I’ve stopped breastfeeding Sylvia. It seemed such a big deal at the time but now the pain has receded it feels completely normal to be not doing it any more. She does try to suck your arm now and then, so she obviously misses it a bit, but I think it was about time to stop – certainly was for me anyhow!!!!! The first six months were great but after that it started to drag. (That could be a joke about marriage but I’m too classy for that).

I need to get Rose a dentist’s appointment tomorrow if I can – today she fell over on a bit of path where she regularly trips up (in our road) – and I think failed to put her hands out to save herself, fell directly on her face and chipped her front teeth quite badly. I am quite upset about it as it looks pretty terrible, and quite worried that it might have caused damage inside the tooth. She said once or twice that her ‘teef’ hurt today, but haven’t given her any painkillers as she doesn’t seem to be in much pain. Poor chicken.


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