A day with the double buggy with two chairs.

Walked walked and walked today. I put the girls in ‘the double buggy with two chairs’ to give it Rose’s full title, and went to a couple of galleries at the Museum of London at lightning speed. Then had lunch with Jason, always a pleasure. Went to the Millennium Bridge and Rose spent at least half an hour at the entrance where there is a funny installation of shiny globes and wobbly metal plates in the ground, just running from one thing to the next and going through a puddle so many times the puddle practically dried out. Over the bridge, into the Tate Mod where Rose dozed off in front of a children’s art cartoon film (v good) while Sylvia walked around a little. Rose then spent another twenty mins running down and up the full length of the turbine hall with a few chin ups off the monkey bars thrown in.

Hot chocolates are the thing currently so had the full monty, cream, small marshmallows, all that. I asked for Rose’s to be made on the cool side, which they did fine, but mine came at the same temperature. The weary but very sweet eastern european staff found it hard to understand the need for hot chocolate to be hot, even sending someone over to check whether I really meant hot? In case there had been a language problem. Finally turned up hot and burned my tongue. See! They were right, it was a bad idea. Finally loaded both girls back into the double buggy with two chairs, and came home. Guess what, I even read the Standard on the train home.

Now it’s newsnight – bit less glued than I have been but still quite enjoying all the resignations, the Tory chumps sweating visibly, and the implausible explanations for intimate dinners and freebies at health spas.


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