Cupcake hand

Rose fell off the big wooden climbing frame in the park today and I think she’s broken something. We haven’t taken her to the hosp yet as we took ages trying to figure out if she was ok or not. First of all when she fell off it was very strange, as she was terribly unhappy and just clung to me moaning. Normally after a moment of crying she just goes off and carries on playing. She seemed a bit weird and kept crying and was shivery so I wrapped her up in a coat and gave her some chocolate. When that didn’t work I called up Jason and asked him to drive over to come and get us, and bring Calpol.

At home on the sofa we put frozen peas on her hand, and after eating the peas, and drinking some chocolate milk, and watching some Peppa Pig, she really seemed to perk up. We gave her a series of tests to carry out using her hand including raising her arm, using a spoon, doing some high fives and drawing a picture, and all seemed ok. So we proceeded to my brother’s birthday barbeque out in Kent. Where it became apparent that although Rose had been able to do those things with her hand, she couldn’t really use it at all. Obviously it’s very painful! Bugger and bollocks, why didn’t we realise?

Despite the agony she spent the afternoon playing with another lovely little 3 year old girl, and self medicating with tortilla chips, bbq ribs and cupcakes. I did enjoy watching Rose and Molly eat crisps. The crisps were on a table in the kitchen, and the parents were in the garden. The girls trekked into the kitchen, came back with a few crisps, ate them. Went back into the kitchen, got more crisps, ate them. Trailed back inside, took a few more crisps, came back out, ate them, and so on. At no point did they consider getting a bowl. Mind you the last party I took Rose to, she took an entire serving bowl of chilli Kettle chips, settled herself on the sofa and worked her way through the whole lot.

Anyway, I’m taking her to a+e tomorrow if she still can’t use her hand in the morning. How to tell the triage nurse the story about taking a child with a (possibly) broken hand to a party, instead of hospital, in a good way? Also how do you explain that while your child can’t use her hand for things like putting clothes on, she can hold a cupcake? There may be a medical explanation. I might not mention the cupcake.

Sylvia is turning into a python on the changing mat! She does all these twisty turns and sits up and grabs things off the shelf, while the poo literally flies through the air. My yelps of protest make her laugh and wriggle even more. Her chins are wobbling with fun as I try to wrestle her nappy back on.


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