Sylvia is actually definitely crawling today. She is most highly motivated to crawl when she is on something high up such as the bed or the top of the stairs. Time to put the stair gate up.

Today I went in for a work meeting as part of my preparation for returning in Sept. Jason had the girls for the whole day, and they all had a great time. Jason was tactless enough to not only take them out to the museum, feed and look after them in a highly efficient manner, without carelessly allowing any of them to break a bone, he also had the dinner on the table when I got home. Making a point, I think. Rose is very husky and she had trouble swallowing her dinner*, so she has a sore throat too on top of a fracture. Poor thing. If she is poorly tomorrow I will take her to the docs.

Work was ok, the great thing is that advance work has been done for about 4 months ahead so I won’t have to be in a constant panic to catch up, like I was when I started in the post.

I’m in a battle with the nursery about the fact that they don’t let the children out into the garden enough. I was told that they couldn’t go out last Tuesday because the grass was and I quote ‘too wet’. The manager also said in her voicemail that not all the children ‘have the luxury of having wellies at nursery’, and so can’t go outside in the wet. Implying that we, rich bastards, have so many pairs of wellies for our child that she has several gold-plated pairs of boots hanging up at nursery to taunt the poor ones with their torn, old, plastic bags for shoes. And also that we believe the poor children, with their little hooves all bleeding from running around barefoot, should be forced to stay inside while the grass is wet, with their faces pressed against the window, watching the spoiled offspring of us bloated parasites play among the flowers, as the diamonds on their boots twinkle in the sunlight.

Actually, Rose only has one pair, and I send them in to nursery in a plastic bag if it looks like rain. I don’t see why the other parents can’t do the same.

* note: when I said ‘trouble swallowing her dinner’ it was Jason’s healthy pasta bake she had difficulties with, but I heard that the chips at lunch went down a treat. I think she has mainly eaten chocolate and ice lollies since her accident, maybe time to review her diet.


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