Are we friends now? I’ve lost track.

Rose often editorialises mundane activities in the medium of improvised song. I say song, more of a drone really. Recent lyrics include ‘Mummy’s having a shower now (repeated 6 times)’ and ‘I’m going up the staaaiiiirrrs’ (repeated 12 times). Another recent chart topper was ‘Little baby, go away’ (repeated 4 times) – this was reasonably tuneful, kind of a lullaby crossed with a croon. Like having a baby sister Rose?

She has been a bit grotty today but on the mend. Grumpy though. This morning she called Jason ‘you Steyyoopid man’ at breakfast, and also told me she wasn’t my friend. Though several times during the day she said ‘I love you mummy’ which I think she’s never said to me. On the whole though considering she has a broken bone, a bad cold and also put her hand in nettles in the garden, she isn’t too bad. Back to nursery tomorrow, I’m off to do some work at my parents.

I got Sylvia to crawl a good 6 feet in the back garden by moving a cupcake away from her one foot at a time. I feel she needs a montage to show her intensive training programme, ending in her rising to her feet. I had a dream the other day that she got up and ran towards us.

For the first time ever I took her to a toddlers singing session at the library. She loved it: she came alive with all the songs, clapping and dancing around her. Also tried to pull hair and faces of all the babies near her and climb on top of any mums in reach. Bit ashamed that I haven’t taken her before. I used to take Rose when she was really tiny. But then you don’t really know what to DO when you are on your own with a very young baby, and feel obliged to do all these activities in case the baby’s brain shrivels due to lack of stimulation and baby books. There was a woman who I saw last week at a messy play session in a children’s centre. This session is basically for toddlers with baby siblings whose mothers have banned paint sand and water from the house, like me, because they have enough clearing up of food and shit without having to deal with paint on the furniture. This woman had a 7 week old baby with her but no older child. She seemed very nice but maybe needed to relax and eat more cake for a while. Cake-eating time is fleeting, also that for watching Homes under the Hammer. Fritter it away and you will regret it forever.

We all slept fantastically last night, the children on Calpol, me and Jason tired out after a day’s unaccustomed effort. Got one bit of un-elicited respect from Jason; he remarked that pushing the double buggy (with two chairs) is quite hard work what with the hills round here. Darn right. Don’t mess with Sydenham mums, we all have butts of steel thanks to walking to the Horniman day after day.


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