We went to the fracture clinic yesterday for a new cast on Rose’s arm. They have a choice of colours, and to the massive surprise of me and the nurse, Rose chose black. The nurse even showed her the plastic foot bandaged in stripes of all the colours, and Rose was very firm that she wanted black. It looks rather stylish, a bit like a Madonna fingerless glove. It comes off in two weeks. I’m counting down the days, as it’s a bit of a nightmare keeping her away from water. (Water being the enemy of plaster casts). Though she has taken to the no washing your hands rule like a born soap dodger. Yes she is a bit filthy at the moment but we try to scrape the dirt off with wet wipes before dinner.

Had a small car crash on the way home from Sainsburys. Strangely the last one happened when I was just on my way to Sainburys. This time it was some guy in a very large minibus who came out of a side entrance without stopping. It’s just our front bumper, should be ok to get it done on the insurance but I could do without the hassle.

We’ve started saying no to Sylvia. I suppose it’s natural now she is mobile, and she is able to get around the place and fiddle with all those things she’s been just dying to get her hands on for months. Currently her ambitions revolve around eating dvds, licking the toilet and pulling smelly rubbish out of the kitchen dustbin. When you say no she looks round in a surprised way, does it again, and then gives you a lovely smile while doing it a third time. And so it begins.


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