Oh fluck

Rose has another new swear word, I’m not exactly sure but it sounds suspiciously like ‘bovvocks’.

Sylvia quite often pulls Rose’s hair or pinches her nose and Rose gets quite upset by this and shouts at her. I tell her not to get too cross with Sylvia as she is only a baby. This morning the girls were in bed with us, and Sylvia headbutted me on the eyebrow, which is quite painful, so I screamed. Rose said ‘She’s only a baby!’ and looked extremely happy with herself. Sylvia now has the phlegmy cough Rose had last week, must have found Rose’s fags.

The mystery of where Rose’s sandals have been hiding all week is solved, Jason suddenly realised he left them at the park last Sunday. I took Rose to have a look but of course they weren’t there, only a sippy cup without a lid. And that wasn’t ours. Went off to Bromley to buy another pair of sandals, followed by a trip to Primark for a hundredweight of knickers. Managed to drive there and back without crashing, which was nice.


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