Cake revelation

I will be in trouble if I don’t report on my dad’s birthday. We met at the Hackney City Farm yesterday, saw some fluffy chickens, muddy pigs, sheep and a donkey that made the occasional appearance. We had lunch there and they made Rose a bacon sandwich almost as big as her. Happy birthday dad, you don’t look a day over 60.

Sylvia is really getting into her stride with flirting, she made friends with most of the cafe. There was a baby about her age in a high chair and they reached out to each other as I pushed the buggy past, it was a scene from a movie. She reached a milestone today: she made a child cry. At the Surestart picnic in the park, she picked up a wooden train which a two year old boy was trying to play with and he got upset. Perhaps he has a baby at home and just when he finally has a chance to play with some trains without a bloody baby nicking his stuff, there’s another one sticking her fat little arms into his toys.

The picnic was brilliant, Surestart local children’s centres brought along big sun shades, loads of toys and paint and books. Rose made friends with a little girl and they went off to play on the swings. I had to take Rose home after she walked in front of a boy swinging and went flying with a kick to the head (I took Sylvia to have her smoker’s cough checked out and the doctor said Rose seems fine) (Sylvia too).

Rose also had an epiphany today when she joined in making a cake and actually did everything properly without spraying flour and eating butter with her fingers. Sadly she didn’t like the cake. She said ‘next time we should make a different cake’. A pink one since you ask.


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