A proposal

On Sunday night, while Hackney, Peckham and various other bits of London were being smashed up, there was a brilliant fun day going on in our close. We had loads of teenagers and kids there, all drinking fizzy pop and going on the bouncy castles. When it got dark they didn’t go out looting, no, they went home to bed (I’m guessing).

Anyhow, Jason has had a brilliant insight – the reason that the kids didn’t go out looting was the bouncy castles. Having fun on a huge inflatable = not wanting to go out breaking shop windows. Therefore, and I hope you are still with me, the key to the policing strategy for the next few evenings should be to bring loads of bouncy castles to all the urban areas of the UK. After all the median age of the so called rioters is about 12. Seal the deal by mobilizing all the icecream vans in the British Isles and we will have all the thieving little bastards tamed.


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