This weekend, the children are at my parents’ house and we are FREEEEEEEEEEEE, until 5pm tonight. On Friday night we were both so tense about the fact that we would be having a break that neither of us could sleep and I came down and did the washing up at 3.30 in the morning.

After we dropped the children off went into town and visited a museum. It was strange not having to dispense breadsticks and prevent Rose from getting into a lift on her own every five seconds. Instead we wandered from room to room, perusing Roman sculptures and Iranian pottery while idly deciding which room in the house I would place various items in.

In the evening we went for an early bird Thai meal, which was ok, and I had beer. Then we went to the comedy at the Hob in Forest Hill. It was a very small crowd which is kind of embarassing as there is so much pressure on the audience. Two of the acts spent the whole time accusing the crowd of being boring and not laughing. They were quite ranty too, it was like being trapped in a cab with a right wing driver. One of the acts was fairly hilarious though (Dan Schreiber). I made a joke during his set (about a bananas), which I suppose qualifies as a heckle, never done that before, and everybody laughed! Surely I am owed some kind of fee?

Today we have done absolutely nothing, zero, except drink coffee and eat bacon sandwiches. Setting off in an hour to pick up the little ones. Can I say now how much we adore and worship my parents for doing this for us, also, how we would like to do it again before another year please.


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