I can’t believe I’m saying this but Sylvia is driving me round the bend. I can’t move a single step without her clamping onto my leg and climbing up it koala style. She then puts her head between my legs so I must look like I have a baby sticking out of my bottom. She does this to Jason too, not Rose though she isn’t stupid. We now move in a slightly strange way, when you approach Sylvia you have to do a little ballroom-dancing-style twist to get past her, or jump over her to avoid her waving arms which seem to have suckers. I think our baby may be partly octopus.

We have a lovely baby walker borrowed from lovely Andrea but Sylvia isn’t really convinced by it yet – I keep hooking her hands over the bars, but she quickly sits down. One very cool thing about the walker is the loud music – she loves it, and bobs along in time to the music.

Another good thing to come out of Sylvia’s trouser-grabbing activities was that yesterday I was forced to actually get her out of the house on her own account, not just as part of Rose’s entourage. We went to a local one o clock club. It’s mainly for older children but Sylvia hung out with a couple of babies and spent time dabbling in the water play tank and watching the others.

There was an interesting moment when a little boy stamped on a wasp and some other girls all started gathering round chanting and stamping on the corpse, all very Lord of the Flies. Then another small child came up and told them off in no uncertain terms. They had quite a good discussion.

Yet another good thing for young Sylvia is she seems to be getting over her sudden unaccountable fear of the bath (the Germans must have a word for it – unvermittelunverantwortlichybabybadangst perhaps?), Jason reported that she didn’t scream the whole time and even showed an expression of stunned acceptance at one point.

Woke up this morning at 3am with a strange swelling pain in my shoulder, which got worse and worse and then settled down to a throbbing pain moving down my left arm and neck. NHS direct told me I wasn’t having a heart attack so I took some paracetamol and went to bed. In the afternoon I went to see a large muscly physio who stamped on my spine and twanged my neck tendons like guitar strings. I feel quite achy but a lot better, slept well too, god bless physiotherapy.


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