Friday: brilliant morning, sending out some cartoons to various publishers, I love getting rejections, me. Sylvia spent a couple of hours at Emma’s house and hung out with baby Robert and his sister, didn’t miss me at all, so guess she will be ok when she starts nursery. I won’t though.

Lovely afternoon at Andrea’s house, Rose hung out with B and her friend and as usual punctilliously ate everything on her plate when at home she demands her cabbage leaves to be arranged as a replica of a phoenix nest and then refuses to eat anything except chocolate spread from the jar, and bacon.

Weekend: Jason packed Rose and her pillow into the car, drove them to the new Forest, and went camping! Bloody great. She loved it, Jason loved it, and I had a fantastic relaxing couple of days. Sylvia is quite relaxing company y’know. Rose came back on Sunday covered in grime, beaming, slept like a log.

Monday: spent most of the day at the park with the water sprays. Rose froze her arse off in the cold water, twice, we had a picnic and I pushed Rose down the hill on her new buggy board. Could they have made the instructions for how to attach the board any more confusing? I think not.


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