Sylvia annual report

Just thought a quick run-down of where Sylvia is at would be apposite at this juncture seeing as she is nearly one.

Favourite food: strawberries (she could probably smell them from the moon). Raspberries on the other hand, are all mine.

Favourite sport: climbing up my trousers, even when i’m on the loo. It’s a bit like free-running for the pre-ambulant. Actually she started climbing the stairs today. Our house is a parkour course for babies.

Favourite furry things with tails that make funny noises: our cats

Favourite bedtime activity: a bath
Most hated bedtime activity: a bath
Favourite bedtime activity: it’s a bath again, her bath phobia appears to have been temporary (the germans might call it kurzzeitigunvermittelunverantwortlichybabybadangst)

Tooth count: Six with another couple visible at the front. Masticating is still a distant dream but she can carve through raw meat with her incisors like a tiger.

Thighs: Still quite large, but in a very good way.

Smile: still gorgeous. Also eyes, and brown curly hair, mwah.

Clapping: work in progress, she still does it up and down as if dusting her hands after completing some burdensome task.

Dancing: this girl loves a tune! Oh no! She knows how to switch on the musical toy which does nursery rhymes to a samba beat in the voice of a squeaky rabbit! Again and again and again! Bring me a valium!

Sleep: bloody brilliant, whole nights of not a single peep, now I have to keep myself awake with pointless worries and fretting.


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