One in the morning

Here I am too worried to go back to sleep. Sylvia gave a big yell then went straight back to sleep but now I’m awake it seems like a good opportunity to spend some quality time alone with a cat, worrying. I had a last minute conniption about looking for cheaper nurseries and unluckily found one which means nightmare trying to decide whether to go for it and how to organise the whole changeover. Sylvia has already started her settle in at our nursery and Rose won’t like moving. Can’t really argue with saving over 2000 quid a year though, or can you? That’s not new telly or holiday money either, it’s grocery and bills money and we will still be using our savings up this year.

Feeling terrible as I don’t like the new nursery as much as our current one (and I don’t like that all that much). One the one hand, I’m never going to like anywhere that has my children, at least not when I don’t have much of a choice about it. On the other hand… I was quite happy to hand Rose over to nursery when I went back to work last time. But this time it feels worse handing a baby over to a bunch of strangers. Can I have her back please?


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