Hairclips and dressing gowns

Sylvia stayed for lunch at her new nursery today while I went back home (went for a run, if you don’t mind). I picked her up and went to Lewisham to get some children’s pyjamas, hairbands and little things like that.

I also wanted to get myself a couple of tops and some trousers to wear to work, how naive! Looking for clothes the day before you need them with limited shopping time available and a grizzly baby equals an astronomical challenge to the laws of probability. Come to think of it I was actually struck by lightning twice on the way to M+S which should have told me something.

I read a blog post during the riots which said Lewisham had turned into a zombie apocalypse, it seemed ok today and even the market stalls were operating as normal. A few zombies still around but they seemed amiable enough. Apart that is from a revolting woman in M+S, we were waiting for the loos and her 10 year old son acted out in some minor way, so she whacked him in the head. Big lady, a blow from her hand would kill a few brain cells. Lewisham M+S does have a peculiarly depressing ambience, back in the height of summer I recall seeing a rack of iron grey dressing gowns taking pride of place over the bikinis and beach towels.

Lots of people shopping today, the queue in Primark was phenomenal, it was like a food line in a starving country. There is a school outfitters on the high street which had a queue going half way down the street – last day before term starts. Hopefully the school Rose goes to will have its uniform available at Asda.

Anyhow things are looking up. I am taking Rose to visit the new nursery tomorrow so she can have a look round. They have a great dressing up section so hopefully she will be sold on that.


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