No telly

Great day today! Sylvia did morning, lunch and nap at nursery, while me and Rose went off to meet some friends at Ladywell Fields. We had a picnic, tried to catch fish, and Rose fell into the river. I met a lady today who said she told her daughter she was allergic to chocolate so she didn’t have any until she was five. Bit evil no? Akin to my colleague’s dad who told him when the icecream van music is playing it means it’s run out of icecream.

So fed up with Rose pissing on the sofa I banned tv today. She kept asking to watch tv and when I said no she would wail ‘but what are we going to doooo?’. Funnily enough she managed to find several interesting things to do including making magic spell in her bedroom, having a poo, reading books to Sylvia, dancing, and demanding that me and Jason marry her. So that beats the night bleedin’ garden into a squashed hat, methinks.


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