Not massively impressed

Sylvia was attacked by a feral child at nursery today, she has three large dark red bite marks on her back where somebody small sank their teeth into her. Very ouch, one of the bites looked quite raw as if it had nearly broken the skin. The usual rules apply, no names. We used to be on the other side when Rose was biting a boy at nursery. So while I’m angry I can’t be quite as indignant as I would be otherwise. Only Rose used to bite this child the same age as her when she was maybe 18 months and just old enough to get into a fight, and it’s not really possible that Sylvia as an 11 month old, has so badly annoyed another 11 month old that they bit her. So it must be an older child, but why would a bigger child bite a baby? Will be Making Enquiries and trying to ensure it Never Happens Again, at least not until Sylvia is old enough to hit back.

Getting back into work. Until now the new nursery routine was going fine. Need to pay vast amounts for Rose to start next month. We have only had two ready meals so far which I count as a success.


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