We have house insurance again for the next year, so looking forward to undertaking DIY safe in the knowledge that if we break the house, someone will come and fix it for us. Might be quicker and cheaper for them to come and redecorate for us really, cut out the middle man.

Rose spent the morning at her new nursery and apparently was fine – couldn’t get many details out of her but her new key worker said she had two plates of lunch. After a short rest at home we went visiting. Rose and Bryony both quite tired after a day at a new nursery and new school respectively but they soldiered on in princess dresses and lip gloss plundered by Rose. Rose keeps going on about starting school and having school shoes. We brought home some hand-grown veggies and had them for dinner, honestly, potatoes really do taste better when they are freshly pulled out of the ground, by your three year old.

I babysat some neighbour’s children last night and had to do the whole bedtime routine. I feared they would not respect my authority (HA HA HAaaa!!! ARf, choke, splutter) but it was fine in the end, quite funny with me being entertained by silly dancing, having to fetch goggles for diving in the bath and being ordered to make a hot water bottle despite it being quite a warm night. However they both went off to sleep without any problem.

Sylvia’s bites are a bit crusty but the bruising has gone down. She keeps showing off her standing up skills. She was copying Rose brandishing a felt tip so I let her try some drawing. It’s a big discover for her and she is now wild about pens and drawing. She spent half an hour rifling through a big box of pens at Bryony’s house, she picks up handfuls and scatters them about, gloating like a miser. She doesn’t like it when I stop her from drawing on the walls – sad really, I’d love it if you could just hand her (and Rose) some big magic markers and say draw! Must get some chalks out in the garden tomorrow if it’s nice.


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