Oyster sauce

The other day Jason was out with the girls in a restaurant, and an elderly couple nearby said what well behaved children he had. I have been out with the girls in many public places and had moments when both children were being angelic, but has anyone ever told me what a great mum I am? Have they bollocks. Actually I think it’s demeaning to men to tell them they are a great dad for wiping their own child’s nose or taking them to the park. Patronising, I reckon.

Yesterday was not such a great day although we did one fantastic thing which was visit the Science museum. Turns out they have a whole big area entirely for under 7s and families, I feel a mug for not knowing about it. Definitely going back. Today we had an entirely lovely time, including going for a jog (adults), trip to the park and picnic. Then we went to Croydon to buy a new car seat for Rose. After a strengthening coffee and a bun at Ikea, followed by a successful trip to Halfords and then our first ever visit to Wing Yip mega Chinese wholesaler, we had to admit to ourselves that we’d had quite a nice afternoon in Croydon. Followed up by quite a wild Chinese stirfry using most of our new ingredients, and a new series of Antiques Roadshow. Being middle aged is great.


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