All very exciting

Rose and Sylvia stayed at my parents’ this weekend. All had a fantastic time with painting, swimming and apple picking. On the way home Rose noticed a nice sunset over the Green Man roundabout, and this prompted a story from her about the sunset she saw when she and Jason went camping together. She could remember all the details from the tent to the little barbecue (camping stove) and things they did. She suggested me and Sylvia could come next time, but reminded us that there wouldn’t be much room in her and daddy’s blue tent. So true.

Also she did a really good picture yesterday, it was of a bear and she talked me through it while she drew. There were eyes, a nose, eyebrows, teeth, several smiles, a large body (with spikes) and a lovely pair of glasses right next to the eyes. I contributed a pair of ‘googly eyes’ made of cut out black and white paper, which she stuck on very well, and we spent a happy half an hour together creating a family of bears including sister bear and baby bear. Baby bear was mostly sellotape. They are all on the wall in the latest blockbuster art show to be held in the SE26 postcode area.

Yesterday’s birthday treat was really special. Afternoon tea at the Landmark Hotel in marylebone – really splendid and luxurious in a stunning glassed-over indoor courtyard. The cakes and sandwiches were amazing. We stuffed ourselves like we were at an illegal cake speakeasy and weren’t going to see another cake for a month. Then we went to the movies to see the excellent but a bit confusing Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (earlier went to the Degas exhibition at the RA which was v interesting also v v v v expensive). Top marks to Jason for organising everything, specially the interior design at the hotel, well done that man.

Missed the girls a lot! Though it was bloody brilliant having a night on our own – something about not having the responsibility for just a short while. Apparently the girls both slept in til 7 am, and they ate so much they were collectively like the tiger who came to tea and my mum’s fridge is now totally empty. Shared a delicious meal made by mum and dad and then drove home being serenaded by Rose’s lovely memories of camping. When we arrived home, she and Jason looked at the stars and she came inside and told me all about them.


One response to “All very exciting

  1. Sounds wonderful! It’s great when they empty their little heads out with memories – am very envious as all I seem to do is forget at the moment. A belated very happy birthday to you too!! xXx

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