First week

Today was Rose’s third day at her new nursery and she’s settling in ok I think. On her first day she pooed herself, alas. Poor little scrap, and commiserations to the staff who had to clean her up too. They got their revenge by handing me a plastic bag with an un-rinsed pooey skirt in it which today went in the bin. She is still calling it ‘Sylvia’s nursery’ and this morning she told me she wanted to go where her friends were.
Apart from that though – gulp, pause for guilt – she’s been looking a bit happier in the evenings and sleeping better. When I ask her what she did today she just carries on shovelling yogurt in her gob, I never get an answer, but that’s ok, if it was any different I might get worried.

Today I got a call from the people in Peterborough we’ve bought a massive dresser from: so now I just have to find a trusty man with van, and then once it’s installed we can shove all our shit in it, push the doors closed, and our house will become neat and tidy. It’s that easy.


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