Yesterday Sylvia lurched towards me and put one foot forward before throwing herself at my neck. So I count that as a ‘step’. Jason says it hasn’t been independently verified so we will have to wait for the evidence to be assessed by the committee. She has a new technique for showing when she has lost interest in a particular food, she flings it on the floor. Cats very happy. She is doing really well with eating, yesterday she ate most of a mackerel and today she was stuffing handfuls of cabbage into her mouth. She can’t chew properly, she’s a bit like a lion with only the sharp front teeth, so she swallows most of it whole. She must have the digestion of a python.

Yesterday, and again today, Rose managed to find my makeup bag and daube her eyelids with mascara. I don’t even know where she even got the word mascara from, it’s not like I have chats about makeup with anyone, and she knew exactly what to do with it. Today she made a trip to the park still covered in black gloop, I wasn’t there to clean her off myself and that is what happens when you aren’t there. Your child rocks up to the climbing frame looking like a goth drag queen. When I told her she didn’t need makeup, she said ‘But I only wanted to look bootiful’ (by this she means ‘Decorated’ rather than ‘better’, she thinks she is well gorgeous and spends ages pouting at herself in the mirror).


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