Sydenham is now middle class! We got our first Abel and Cole flier through the door! Will be sticking with the ordinary chemicalised ones, you can’t beat the flavour of insecticide on your broccoli.

Jason just checked out the schools in our area, we are surrounded by church schools. Not much choice for the atheist round here. I’m really not sure why there is supposed to be an act of worship in schools, I know this is a ‘Christian country’ but you don’t have to say the Lords prayer before you can get your cash out of the bank. Or hail marys when you go to the sorting office to pick up your mail.

Rose has told me I’m not invited to her next birthday party because only children can go. I pointed out adults have their uses providing crisps and juice. She told me firmly that the party was going to be at Bryony’s house and that Bryony’s mum would be allowed to help out. Just let me know when she needs picking up Andrea. We’ll be down the pub.


One response to “Gentrification

  1. That’s very organised of Rose. Bryony on the other hand has already informed that she does NOT want her party at home next time….

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