Sylvia’s favourite thing right now is putting a pair of Rose’s knickers on her head. She tried to put a sock on her head today but it wasn’t the same. She is very keen on throwing her small wooden blocks. She can clap properly now. She makes a face like a fish and goes pah pah pah.

She came quite close to serious injury yesterday when Rose dumped a glass of orange juice on the floor and it exploded right next to Sylvia, showering her with glass. Amazingly she didn’t even get cut, in fact she didn’t stop drinking her milk. The bits of glass went quite a long way, today I found some in a frying pan we keep on a high shelf.

This evening Rose spent quite a bit of time on the naughty step for standing in the road (on purpose, to get my attention), then for shutting the front door while I was outside, then for climbing over the bannisters, then, oh what else, I can’t remember. Mind you we avoided the enormous shouting performance which has been entertaining the mums outside her nursery for the last few weeks – she sat nicely in her car seat and thus we got home in a lovely mood (until the crimewave began).


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