Whooaaa splash crunch

This is a sign of how wuss I have become over tv violence … I can’t even look at the screen while killer whales torture a seal in Frozen Planet, and just the voice over is enough to make me come over all emotional. Those killer whales really are bastards.

After dinner Rose decided we would all play pass the parcel, it was all simulated so we all had to sing ‘pass the parcel, pass the parcel’ while handing round a dvd or a pencil case. Then she would say ‘stopp!!’ and turn off an imaginary cd player. The person designated the winner of the round by Rose was allowed to open the parcel and enjoy the amazing present inside. Sylvia joined in too, we ended up with several parcels circulating in various directions. She isn’t so obsessed with tell-ee at the moment, I think she’s a bit bored of it. Hopefully by the time she starts watching tv again it will be several years down the road when she is old enough to enjoy the Antiques Roadshow and we can watch it together.

Rose has had a couple of completely wee-free days and she hasn’t watered the sofa since Saturday. She did leap about inside the car and switch the hazards at pick up time, but she sat down in her seat quite soon and I didn’t cry or bang my head on the door frame like so often in the last few weeks.

What has Sylvia been up to… she doesn’t like being put down when we get back from nursery. She is very happy there but she likes to be hugged for at least two hours once I’ve retrieved her. There is often some competition with Rose for space on my (and Jason’s) arms and body- one child will be giving you a loving hug while inserting a foot or a bottom in between you and the other one, thus levering them off or forcing them to let go in order to breathe. Sylvia is definitely quite an assertive baby, she has a series of imperative noises that she plays while in her high chair. If she can’t see you the noises go from ‘I’m just here, still drinking my milk, quiet like’ to ‘I’m still here, don’t forget, mwah’, to ‘OI! What you DOING and why doesn’t it involve me?’ to ‘That’s IT! Come and get me or ELSE!!!!’. She also has the means to non-verbally order up a glass of water or milk. She clearly informs you of her food preferences by pointing, going ‘ug, ug!’ and throwing unwelcome foods on the floor. Not walking or talking yet but still able to get about and order us around with deadly accuracy. Definitely quite a big brain.


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