Sylvia has been waking up before six for the last couple of days. This morning it was sort of my turn to get her, but Jason took pity on me because I had been ‘out’ in an official capacity, representing the family at a friend’s birthday do on Friday evening, and sustained tiredness in the course of duty. No honestly, I went to a bar in Clapham Junction where you had to shout because it was quite loud, and there were loads of people drinking and trying to get off with each other. Oo those were the days. Looking forward to tomorrow when owing to the clocks going back Sylvia will wake at 5.30am but it will actually be 4.30 by the new clocks. It will be inescapably my turn to get her, and I will be destroyed for the rest of the day.

I was singing Sylvia baa baa black sheep after her bath, and she was definitely singing it back to me. All words were ‘baa’ and she got several of the note sequences quite distinctly. Very cute, and also talented! Also she took a series of steps today in front of the whole family, and we all broke into a round of applause whereupon she sat down again. How will she face the difficult second walk?

At the park today, Rose was doing some climbing on the mini climbing wall when a little girl her age came up on her scooter, stopped dead and said ‘What’s SHE doing? Her dad zoomed up behind her on his skateboard (I kid you not) and said ‘What you’ll be doing in a couple of months’. Funny how dad’s can be so massively goal-oriented about their daughter’s performances in the park – egging them on to climb higher and forcing them to go down slides head first and all that. Whatever you say about them they aren’t ashamed of being competitive. And that’s why it was so bloody great that my kid was better than his kid. Hah.

Today I: cleared the kitchen, mopped, hoovered, took children down to the shops, hosted a playdate with neighbour’s child. Made fish finger lunch, went to park, met friend in pub, experimented with drinking alcohol while in charge of small children (Prosecco is drink of choice for this), did drunk shopping in charity shop and Rose forced me to buy her a black cat head band with flashing nose. Came home, made roast chicken dinner AND apple crumble, bathed children, scraped grease off kitchen, and here I am, writing a load of old rubbish.

Good night.


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