Fifteen or sixteen uses for the extra hour

Today we went to visit my parents. Mum took Rose swimming, then we all stuffed ourselves with a delicious bagel feast, went to the park and came home. What a lovely day, rosettes being metaphorically pinned to grandparental chests right now. The girls woke up at a surprisingly civilised hour this morning. By dinner time Sylvia was holding her head up with one hand and Rose could barely walk up the stairs. So that was good, everyone asleep instantly.

I am studying Sylvia’s word-sounds. I think I have identified cat (‘dat’ – which is how Rose used to say it), Also she says ‘Ayah’ as a greeting – it’s a bit like ‘hiya’, humour me. Still not sure she says mum, or if she does it sounds like ‘yum yum yum’ and happens when she sees me carrying food, but she does say dadda when she hears Jason come in the front door. Apparently she doesn’t try saying Rose yet but I’m sure when she does it will be something terribly cute, it usually is when parents say oh, little Horatio used to call his big sister ‘snot’ because he couldn’t say ‘Ophelia’. She is practicing her steps, quite a few goes at walking two or three today. Plus she climbed up AND down the stairs several times. I taught her how to go down backwards so she can do it safely by herself, in theory.

And so to bed.


One response to “Fifteen or sixteen uses for the extra hour

  1. Could you please enumerate the 15/16 uses of the hour. I make that 3.87 minutes per use.

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