No ham please, I’m Jewish

Rose got hold of a couple of strawberry ‘Roses’ chocolates last night – she was so delighted when she bit into it and found the pink goo inside – “It’s Calpol mummy!”. I wonder if there is a market for children’s sweets that are in medicine flavours, toothpaste flavour biscuits, worming-mixture toffee and the like.

My new mum-friend at work told me her little girl who is the same age as Rose is not allowed to eat ham at nursery, because she’s Jewish. A little boy who’s her friend now goes around saying ‘I’m Jewish’ in public places, which embarrasses his mother somewhat as she has been taking him to church for two years in an effort to get him into a church school.

This evening our neighbour locked herself out, so she brought her little girl and baby round to shelter til her husband got home. It was quite nice actually, the girls entertained each other and had some tea together. Rose was too busy to wee on the sofa so that was a result. I’m considering asking if we could set up a regular after nursery club to keep Rose happy before bed. I should say it’s been quite a few days since she wet herself at nursery, it’s just something she saves up to do at home. Must remember she will be 20 soon and going to university, all this will be a forgotten memory.


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