Have you eaten?

Last night the only thing on tv when I sat down with my dinner was a wildlife documentary which turned out to be about the decomposition of a massively swollen hippo corpse, and tonight I thought something called ‘Food hospital’ sounded a safe bet for watching with a plate on your lap, but it was about a flaky skin complaint and a condition that gives you continual projectile vomiting. I was forced to watch a re-run of Bargain hunt, as the least stomach-churning programme available.

Speaking of skin complaints, Sylvia has a strange circular red rash in her armpit – will take her to the docs tomorrow, looks fungal to me.

Last night I dreamed I was being attacked, but it was my pillow which was trying to smother me. The office heated up to 26 degrees c this afternoon and I nearly passed out. I am quite hating my office – job’s ok but I’ve got this tiny desk squashed in among four people each two feet away, and the air conditioning is totally crap – alternately freezing and stuffy and airless. On the plus side the drive home from the nursery went ok and Rose sat in her seat very nicely with the bribe of some music on the cd. Then at home she insisted on more music and we had dancing after dinner. Rather good.


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