Pull your socks up and stop being such a baby

It has been a while and I’ve missed out on noting several big landmarks. Sylvia can now walk, at 14 months she finally got off her large arse and started waddling around. Now quite efficient and good at scampering up the stairs. Also a keen climber and likes pressing buttons. She went ggrrrrrrspppllt like a boiling kettle today when I wouldn’t let her press all the buttons on the dryer. Easily distracted though, went off with the buggy. I love the way she picks up the dolly by its hair and bashes it down in the buggy. I don’t think it’s something she’s seen me do, is it?

I have a split on the skin by my thumbnail and I got a paper cut actually in the split (was my p60, getting ready to do my tax return at 11.59pm on 31 Jan). I have a Peppa Pig plaster on it as it was bleeding surprisingly much.

Rose is getting used to her new nursery and proudly shouts to me that she hasn’t wet herself when I pick her up. Thanks to some new flowery loo roll at home she is weeing on the sofa a bit less. Bedtimes have been a bit rocky this week and tonight I went totally zero sum on her and promised to turn off her light if she didn’t go to sleep. There was a bit of a scuffle and I shouted threats up the stairs, then she went to sleep.

I have given up trying to find out what is behind it – bad dreams probably. Yesterday I was holding her by the lapels shouting ‘What’s the matter? What are you WORRIED ABOUT Rose?’. Not the best way to bring out someone’s inner emotions. It’s amazing how much a 3 year old can annoy you (if she’s in the mood). I don’t think it’s innate knowledge, I think she just tries everything until your wig hits the ceiling.

Various illnesses, Sylvia is on antibiotics again with a growly chest. EVeryone in the house has had alternating chest infections, sickness and general malaise (mainly Jason). I’m feeling great, me – this means I’m like an evil Florence Nightingale going round the place taking away people’s lamps (Rose) and shouting at the sick “Just STOP IT!”


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