We are all a bit jet lagged after Sylvia had to spend a night in hospital on Wednesday. I took her to the doctors at 5.30 and by 7pm we were in a+e giving her bronchodilators. It was pretty brutal in a+e that evening, lots of quite ill children, crying, horrible vomiting noises and glimpses of nasty things happening in consulting rooms. We were sent up to the ward with a wailing teenager on a trolley trailing tubes and buckets, and I had to shuffle into the lift alongside trying not to look. They tried to put us in the bed opposite her but I said to the nurse that I felt I was intruding as she was in so much distress. The nurse realised what I actually meant and said she would move us somewhere quieter.

Sylvia is such a bouncy baby, every time something nasty was done to her like having her head hoovered (suction, it’s where they suck the snot out of your nose) or a needle planted in her hand, she immediately cheered up when it was over. She enjoyed using her splinted hand to bash me in the face when she needed to relieve her feelings.

There were a few small children wandering around the ward with a bandaged paw and their mums following them with an inhaler so I think there is a lot of it about. A 1am chest xray showed that she didn’t just have a viral wheeze, she also had a chest infection. We have some antibiotics and an inhaler for her at home, she quite enjoys her inhaler now she realises she can make funny noises in it.

Now she is back at home she still sounds a bit growly when she breathes but other than that you’d never know she had been ill. (Also you can hear her coming). Yesterday she climbed up a small wooden chair even though I advised her not to. A second later I heard a crash and a small cry, and she came out of the room looking a bit embarrassed. She is still climbing up every piece of high furniture you can imagine.

She is sort of saying ‘up’ and can say ‘yes’ very well, with a nod. I haven’t heard her say no, she likes saying yes to things. She can understand loads of things, very exciting when you say ‘lie down’ and she does. This evening it made my heart melt when I came into the front room after dinner and Rose was sitting on the sofa with Sylvia hugging her and leaning her head on Rose’s chest looking very happy. Then Sylvia dispensed a round of kisses to each of us (“Mmah!”) and went back to cuddling Rose. Rose was wearing her fluffy dressing gown so was a bit like a bit teddy bear to Sylvia. Earlier on this afternoon Sylvia climbed onto the sofa and plonked herself on Rose’s lap, and Rose didn’t object even though Sylvia’s bonce was partly obscuring Scooby Doo. I think they will be really good friends in the end. Rose was certainly extremely anxious about Sylvia being away and she hasn’t kicked Sylvia in the head once since she came out of hospital, so I think that’s a real sign that Rose missed Sylvia and is very glad to have her back.

In another turnaround, since her incarceration in HM Lewisham children’s ward, Sylvia has decided to stop screaming and moaning through every bath, and now spends 10 minutes laughing and playing with the bubbles. The evening she came home, she toddled into the bathroom and pointed at the bath as if she was very pleased to see it and all their differences were at an end. She also must be very glad to be home.

Mum and dad came over on Friday and DID THE HOOVERING and COOKED DINNER and HELPED WITH THE SHOPPING and PUT SOME HOOKS ON THE KITCHEN DOOR. It is so nice to see them and not just because of the domestic services. Rose is a bit ill at the moment too so she loved having her grandp’s around to give her some special attention and make her feel better after being so upset about Sylvia.

I met a friend and her child today, at one point Rose grabbed me and licked my neck, then she said to her friend “Georgia, let’s both lick our mummies”. Classy.


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