Potty time

Having a moment, I’ve got a week’s leave and savouring it stretching out ahead of me.

Sylvia has overcome her bathophobia to some extent, we place a small plastic step in the bath and she sits on it. So strictly speaking only her ankles are actually in the bath but we make up for it by splashing. There are still tears when hair washing is on the agenda.

Sylvia found a couple of small potties in the bathroom and enjoys clumping around with one on each foot. She is surprisingly good at walking in potties. Likewise Rose can put on my highest heels and walk perfectly. I wonder if it’s a skill that all girls are born with, and they gradually lose if they a have middle class mother who sets store by healthy feet.

I was so desperate about Rose’s habit of weeing on the sofa that I went to the doctor not long ago. She suggested trying stickers. Obviously she doesn’t have a pre schooler or she would know that it takes approximately the whole sticker output of a pound shop to toilet train one child. Anyway someone suggested to me that I just hadn’t discovered the right bribe. And then a light bulb went on above my head. So now, the new regime for Rose at bedtime is that on nights when she has not weed on the sofa, she gets to choose some of my makeup and I will put some on her. She goes to nursery looking a bit slutty, but you know what, she hasn’t weed on the sofa for a month.

I am enjoying our pre-bedtime routine at the moment. Rose zones out in front of some Tinkerbell shit, while Sylvia rotates around the room bringing you one book after the other. Occasionally she climbs on the sofa and lays along Rose like a leopard in a tree. Then she leaps down and starts her rotation once again. There is a book called Charlie the Chicken which has a big pop-up chicken beak, which she is a bit scared of and runs away when you open that page. She must like being scared because this is precisely the book that she makes you read her over and over again. Then it’s time for a round of kisses and she lumps up the stairs to bed.


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