I go der wif you

When I picked the girls up from nursery today, they ran up to me to say hello and then at the same moment, each one ran off and fetched the other one’s coat and dragged it over. This was very cute.

Sylvia said milk the other day, or ‘muh – lk’ to be exact. She now gets things off you by pointing and saying ‘Ta!’. Also if you say ‘would you like milk/yogurt/a large bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk’ she nods vigorously and says ‘Yass!’. We will soon be conversing in English.

Today Jason told Rose a bedtime story about going to space and she has now decided we are going on a trip to space. It’s like when we talk about anything, the Eiffel tower, or a big tree, and she pats your knee and says ‘I want to go der wif you’.

On Sunday night Rose demanded to go to bed quite early. I read her the required stories and dithered a bit because she usually tries to make you stay in her room forever. But this time she shouted ‘Mummy, Go!’ and turned on her elbow, so that was me dismissed.

Rose can be very clear in her wishes, it’s us who doesn’t always listen. Last Sunday we tried to take her to soft play up the road. But this was ignoring the fact that she had been asking to do art activities, stick, make and cut things since Friday night. We were trying to drag her out of the door to go to softplay, and she was howling that she wanted to take her artwork things with her. So finally we picked up that she really didn’t want to go to softplay after all, and went out in search of some free under five’s art activity that was free and in easy reach of ‘nam. This was not easy and the trains weren’t running properly, so we ended up at the Tate Modern putting stickers all over a white room full of white furniture. Very anarchic and fun. An hour was plenty and then we had lunch (Wagamammas – Sylvia ploughed through a whole plate of food bar the stringy salad bits and licked the msg-rich dipping sauce off the bowl, and Rose stole my cup of miso soup. Likes soup, Rose). Thus did we feed our creative souls and our tummies.


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