She did it

Jason is away having a holiday from his family and there was so little on telly I actually watched some of the contestants herniating themselves on The Voice.
Sylvia is learning a few useful phrases from the Rough Guide for communicating in the adult world, such as thankyou, fish (shish) cat (cash) dog and rose ‘Rohhhhh!’ please (cheese – specifically, means more food). Today when a spoon or something fell on the floor, Rose said ‘it was her’ and Sylvia said ‘she did it!’. I swear. She is learning all about arguing and lying at nursery. We had a lovely day with the grandparents, eating loads and spending some fun time in the garden. Rose threw herself into the weeding and got some serious dandelions out of her flower patch. Sylvia hung out sniffing stones and falling off the ride-on.
Slightly depressingly did a job search on the internet tonight, never do that on a Sunday night as it just reminds you that you are on bail pending your return to prison on Monday.
I wrote out some invites for Rose’s 4th birthday this evening, how time flies, we will be getting school uniform soon etc.
I do get a bit nervous when Jason is out at night, I just heard a suspicious noise by the back door and went out there armed with a rain stick. What this would do to deter an intruder I don’t really know.


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